Let me tell you a Bible story. In this story you’ll hear why you think the Bible is backwards and xenophobic; but is more progressive than you’ll ever be; why we need to listen to our Jewish cousins when we study Scripture; and why chronological Bibles suck.

Ezra 9 tells…

It’s clear that White Christian Evangelicalism (WCE) is diseased. …


Fiction vs. Non-fiction. My natural tendency is to read more non-fiction than fiction. It didn’t always used to be this way, but college and grad school got me out of the habit or reading fiction. I now read fiction much more slowly than non-fiction (weird, I know). But Emily challenged…

Hello Friends, Family, Loved Ones, and Distant Admirers. We hope that you are finding moments of joy in the midst of this unique holiday season.

How do you even begin to summarize a year like this one? …

Capital punishment is antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus.

You cannot simultaneously believe that God is the God of redemption, forgiveness, and transformation and believe that the best response to certain kinds of crime is execution.

I mean, I guess you can -people clearly do. In the U.S., executions happen…

Most people believe two foundational things. One, that there is such a thing as Reality. And Two, that we can know things about that Reality. In other words, there are such things as Facts and Knowledge.

There are lots of facts that we can know just by experiencing them. If…

A small soapbox. Ahem.

Here’s a small sampling of the number of credit hours required for some professional degrees.

Masters in Culinary Arts (“Chef Degree”)

40 Credit Hours

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

60 Credit Hours

Physical Therapist

90 Credit Hours

Juris Doctor (Lawyer)

90 Credit Hours

PhD in Engineering…

Someone recently asked me:

I’m confused by Elijah killing 450 prophets…that just seems so cruel and excessive. Like, if someone told me that worshipping/following God meant killing hundreds of people — or anyone — I’d be like “uhm I’m not sure about this God.” I understand that it was a…

Shopping is hard right now. Kids put their hands, mouths, and sometimes tongues on everything. Entering any indoor space feels like reverse scuba diving-instead of keeping track of how much oxygen you have left, you’re measuring how many viruses you may have breathed in.

I know all this. But that…

But You Said

As parents, Emily and I quickly realized that it’s not always the best idea to tell your kids when you have something planned for the future. First of all, kids have little to no concept of time. …

Anthony Parrott

Lead Pastor of The Table Church, D.C.

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